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Searching for the roots of polarization, a liberal American-Austrian filmmaker grows close to some Trump voters in Ohio, a swing-state that shows striking parallels to Europe and its swing to the right. The filmmaker’s golden rule is: “don’t argue, listen”, but as the film progresses and society’s division grows, we are all put to the test.


The United States: one nation – divided. Filmmaker Susanne Brandstaetter explores polarization in the U.S., which shows striking parallels to Europe. An American from L.A. who’s been living all her adult life in Europe, she decides to get close to some non-typical Trump voters in the swing state Ohio. What determines people’s choices? Why do people form opinions and then stick to their political positions – no matter what? The filmmaker decides the only chance to understand why the divide is growing is to follow one rule: don’t argue, listen… But as the film progresses, we all are put to the test.


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Susanne Brandstätter

Susanne Brandstaetter was born and grew up in Los Angeles. Moved to Austria in 1975. Worked as a writer/director for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) from 1983 to 2002. In 2002 she became an independent filmmaker and pro-ducer. As of 2014, began teaching at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Brandstaet-ter’s main focus is making cinema documentaries. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

FilmographY (Excerpt)

Documentary, 105’

Animation/Short, 2‘50

Doris Nowak, Manuela Schwarzl, Barbara Löffler, Penelope Reindl, Michaela Rentsch, Susanne Brandstätter, Petr Špatenka, Julia Laggner, Milena Nowak

Publikumspreis – Tricky Women Internationales Filmfestival 2014

Documentary,, 91’ Amour Fou Filmproduktion, Minotaurus Film
Documentary, 99’/58’/45’ Premiere: Locarno Film Festival Wiener Filmpreis 2007, Critics Award – SEE International Film Festival Los Angeles 2008, Best Documentary – DocumFest Timisoara 2008
Documentary, 60’ Premiere IDFA International Film Festival Romy 2005, KinoGlaz International Filmfestival (2nd Prize)
Documentary, 70‘, 3sat
Documentary, 45‘, ORF



by Susanne Brandstätter AT 2020, 105 min

Writer and director Susanne Brandstätter Cinematography Joerg Burger Sound-mixer Nora Czamler Editor Susanne Brandstätter Michaela Müllner Dramaturgical consultant Eric Collins Editing consultants Monika Willi Dieter Pichler Sound design Wolf-Maximilian Liebich Line producer Hanne Lassl A production by SUSANNE BRANDSTÄTTER FILMPRODUKTION e.U. ENVISION FILM Produced with the financial support of BKA – Innovative Filmfonds Land Niederösterreich